Large super 6 meters wide PE sheet extrusion equipment

This company produces very large plastic sheet machine, adopt advanced screw design and advanced mechanical configuration, can be applied to production of a variety of plastic sheet. (such as: PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, EVA, PMMA, etc.).

Low extruding machine: special screw design, precise temperature control system, make sure that the rubber good plasticizing and extruding high yield stability.

Low in network and die: hydraulic quick change device to ensure the process quickly and efficiently, to replace the network rack type die adopts multiple flow design, make the rubber evenly distributed mould full width, die lip clearance control can be adjusted freely, sheet thickness adjustment precision.

Low cooling guide roller bracket: configure corresponding cold guide roller, with more than one strong stand fan, cooling effect is better. The other trimming device, ensure the quality of the edge of the sheet.

Low cutting machine: high quality alloy blade, imported bearing, ensure the quality of plate edge and the cutting action smoothly for a long time.