Vented recycling and color mixing repelletizing extruder

The screws and another consisting parts are designed respectively against the features of different materials such as PP、PE、PS、ABS、PA 、PVC、PC、POM、EVA、LCP、PET、PMMA etc, they are suitable for  the purpose of material color blending .high torque design enables speed reducer to work stably without noise. Hardness treatment features the screw and barrel with good tear and wear resistance, good compounding effect and high production.  Air-exhausted system or common vented hole can get rid of water and waste gas out of the material. This enables more stable extrusion and more solid pellet, so the super quality of product is guaranteed.  
主要技术参数 Main Technical Parameter:
机型 螺杆直径.(Mm)  长径比L/D 主电机功率(kw) 产量 (kg/h)
SVP-45 45mm 25-30 7.5KW 30-60
SVP-65 65mm 25-30 22KW 60-100
SVP-80 80mm 25-30 30KW 100-150
SVP-100 100mm 25-30 45KW 120-200
SVP-120 120mm 25-30 55KW 200-350
SVP-150 150mm 25-30 110KW 300-500

Note: The capacity is up to the ingredients, the specific configurations are subject to contracts.