Parallel twin-screw extrusion machine for granular making

      The screws of co-rotation twin-screw extruder are composed of multi-sections. The raw material obtain optimization of compounding after undertaking high speed, high torque ,compounding in the barrels ,fixed feeding system, it can input glass fibers, additives. It's mainly used to process the products such as engineering plastic, plastic including glass fiber ,high density master batch etc. 

主要技术参数 Main Technical Parameter:
机型 螺杆直径(Mm)  长径比L/D 主电机功率(kw) 产量 (kg/h)
PS-36 36mm 36-40 15-18.5KW 10-60
PS-52 52mm 36-40 37-45KW 50-150
PS-62 62mm 36-40 55-75KW 80-200
PS-72 172mm 36-40 75-90KW 100-350
PS-92 92mm 36-40 180-220KW 300-600