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Advanced production technology, the use of plastic materials put them directly into your device, from the extrusion - molding - punching - slitting - rewinding complete automation of all processes; three-particle composite direct molding, the process is simple and efficient utilization of raw materials is high, replace the conventional secondary molding, greatly reduce production costs, production efficiency is ten times the number of traditional production process.

Carrying (Carrier Tape) refers One kind used in electronics packaging ribbon products,

It has a specific thickness, in the longitudinal direction of the electronic element equally spaced used Holds

Member cavities (also known as product bag) and used for index positioning positioning hole.

Carrying purposes:

Carrying mainly used in electronic component placement industry. It is with the cover band (with the closure)

Use, resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and other electronic components housed in the bearing carrier

Belt pocket, and for the protection of electronic components during transport from contamination and damage by the carrier tape side sealing cover tape forming closed packaging. When mounting electronic components, the cover tape is peeled off, automatic placement equipment carrier tape index holes through precise positioning, placing components installed successively remove the pocket and put stickers mounted on circuit boards (PCB board) .

Carrying Category:

Divided by width: Depending on the size of packaging carrying the electronic components carrier tape is also divided into different widths. Common width of 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm and so on. With the development of electronic markets, the chip has a smaller and smaller trends, carrying corresponding to the precise direction, there are already carrying 4mm wide exhibition on the market.

By function: To protect electronic components from electrostatic damage, and then one of these fine-level electronic components antistatic carrier tape clearly required, depending on the level of anti-static, the carrier tape can be divided into three types, conductivity type, anti- electrostatic (electrostatic dissipative) and insulation type.

Press molding characteristics pockets points: embossed carrier tape (embossed carrier tape) and punch carrier tape (punched caeeier tape) embossed carrier tape is through the plastic mold stamping or both methods so that portion of the tape carrier material to produce drawing extension, forming concave shape of the pocket, which according to the specific needs of the carrier tape, molded products of different sizes to accommodate the size of the bloom bags of electronic components, stamping carrying means is formed by punching through the mold or semi-wear through pocket, this carrier tape thickness of electronic components can be in full bloom by the thickness of the carrier tape itself limits, One generally only used for packaging small components.