Corrugated sheet extrusion equipment


● screw barrel: ensure adequate and stable high-speed plastics material extrusion. Ultra-quiet air-cooled systems, forced the closure of the external cylinder,

It has good heat transfer and thermal performance.

● Gearbox: Using Noise cabinet design, gear were characterized by high hardness special treatment, with compulsory leap slip system to ensure

Gearbox ultra quiet operation.

● hydraulic quick change: duplex hydraulic quick-change process to ensure quick and easy changer.

● Three stick calender: independent transmission mode, stick easily adjust the gap.

● heating means: the use of a heat treatment before the secondary molding, the process needs to ensure that before the wave-like shape.

● molding apparatus: reasonably designed to ensure rapid prototyping, accurate dimensions.

● traction device: two stick structure refinement traction between the stick from the free adjustment, frequency variable speed, it needs to be a variety of extrusion speed

Demand, also stable production to provide strong protection.

● cutting device: a reasonable way of cutting blades imported quality steel to ensure fast and stable cutting flat. 

1, pvc wave W of:

a ﹑ acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, service life of 30 years.

b ﹑ impact resistance, tensile, fire, noise, anti-ultraviolet.

c, color bright and colorful, not fade, does not contain asbestos, it is a new type of environmentally friendly materials.

d ﹑ easy installation, low transportation costs.

2, pvc wave tile purposes:

  Widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, residential, carport, farmers market, road building and other permanent hoardings, especially for ceramic production plant, fertilizer warehouse, galvanizing plants, aluminum plants, chemical plants and other corrosive industries.

3, pvc wave tile advantages:

  a, excellent waterproof performance (pvc wave tile used in high weather resistant resin pore water seepage problem does not exist, with excellent waterproof performance.)

  b, self-cleaning ability (pvc wave tile dense surface slip, once natural rain washed clean as new, does not appear fouling, spots and so on.)

  c, physical stability (pvc wave tile expansion coefficient of 4.93 × 10/1 ℃) even when the temperature varies greatly, its thermal expansion and contraction of the performance can also be self-digestion, to ensure stability. )

  d, the quality of light (pvc corrugated sheet 1.0mm maximum thickness is only 1.85 kilograms per square meter, are lightweight materials.)

  e, good flame retardant (pvc wave tile body resin belong retardant materials, fire resistance up to B1 grade.)

  f, good thermal insulation effect (pvc wave tile thermal conductivity of 0.325w / mk, approximately 1 / 5,0.5mm thick steel tile 1/2000 10mm thick clay tile 1 / 3,10mm cement tile. )

  g, excellent impact resistance (room temperature 1 kg iron ball free fall from 1.5m height tile surface will not crack or through-hole, product no damage, excellent impact resistance.)

  h, excellent corrosion resistance to salt spray corrosion in coastal areas and air pollution (pvc wave tile body of a synthetic resin has excellent corrosion resistance, not the acid-base erosion degraded performance, very suitable for chemical plants, region.)

  i, noise effects (pvc wave tile material itself has adopted noise performance, can effectively filter the sound of 35% to 50%.)

  j, light transmission performance is better than the same type of materials (pvc corrugated sheet material used in a light-transmitting properties, light transmittance of 20% to 30%, increase indoor lighting, saving energy consumption.)

  k, belong to the state environmental protection strongly recommended new building materials (pvc corrugated sheet material used has a recyclable, reusable functions. When the material can be deep-processed into its accessories, such as diesel, etc.)