Plastic optical fiber extrusion line



1, using two extruders co-extrusion, coating structural principle.

2, a key component of fluorine plastic extrusion screw, barrel and mold made of special steel, high corrosion resistance.

3, has a good plasticizing, stable extrusion, etc., across the board PLC control, easy to operate.

4, the extrusion apparatus can single, double or multiple extrusion, for customers to choose.

5, plastic optical fiber extrusion equipment required to produce in a closed workshop clean, constant temperature.

PMMA plastic optical fiber Features:

Having a large core diameter, soft, easy coupling, light weight, low price, the advantages of large transmission bandwidth.

By a single or multi-core plastic optical fiber outer coating of polyethylene, PVC and other plastic sheath, as the transmission of the optical signal light conducting medium.

PMMA fiber applications: